Le Canon

Village de /Famille/

A heart of life on the Dune

In 3 volumes, this villa faces the basin and frames the swimming pool.

The layout of the building, in the image of the oyster village below, is divided into 3 volumes, linked by glazed sub-spaces and inhabited as canons of views through the house.


The composition tends to make the most of the site.

The lowest volume on the street, on the south façade, minimises the impact on the street as well as allowing the sun to penetrate the site. The highest volume on the north-western side protects the living area from the prevailing winds. The project faces east and the views of the Arcachon basin.

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The choice of wood and bio-sourced insulation minimises the environmental impact of the construction. 

The orientation of the building towards the east, its volume and the openings created allow natural light to penetrate the building throughout the day while avoiding the overheating of the south. The installation of over-insulation in rigid wood wool (100mm) offers very good summer comfort thanks to the phase shift it presents. The high level of insulation and airtightness (0.23 for 0.60) minimise heating requirements.

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The house is made up of three volumes linked together by an interior cross-section, the backbone of the project.

The bracing of the whole is ensured with the installation of metal frames. The durability of the roof terraces is ensured by the choice of a technical vapour barrier and adapted over-insulation. The heating is distributed via OSB plenums, offering a highly responsive system. The different ceiling heights that it creates mark the different spaces in these very open volumes.

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Interior design & Decoration ++ 317C architecte(s)

Wood & Metal design office ++ CESMA

Big Work++ RB Constructions

Timber Frame ++ Bois à Vivre

Electricity ++ Bentejac SARL

Plumbing ++ SARL Thierry Plomberie

Interior Fittings ++ MGF

Landscaping ++ Vermont Paysages

Photography ++ Ivan Mathie


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