Le Canon


/Overlooking/ the island of birds

Panoramic view of the Arcachon basin from the living terrace.

This villa nestled on the Dune du Canon, transformed by our care, overlooks the island of birds and is integrated with lightness in the panorama.


The renovation of this villa consisted in sublimating its lines by a particular care in the composition and the cladding of the facades.

Here, the existing massive construction required an intervention of recomposition in order to bring more finesse and a better integration in the landscape. We wished to use quality materials so that the intervention would be sustainable beyond the aesthetics: the zinc of the eaves, the lime coating and the bricks are used here in reference to the materials traditionally used on the villas of Arcachon.

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When night comes, the lighting work subtly enhances this villa.

Le choix d’un éclairage ciblé, chaud et indirect vient magnifier les différentes matérialités. Ainsi, la briquette irrégulière prend vie, le grain de l’enduit à la cThe choice of targeted, warm and indirect lighting magnifies the different materials. Thus, the irregular brickwork comes to life, the grain of the lime plaster vibrates. The outdoor terrace is illuminated with origami like paintings, giving this space a feeling of comfort.

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Inside, the emphasis is on simplicity to enhance the view from every level.

The volumes in the living room have been opened up, and from the kitchen, the pool can be contemplated. The layout has been designed to play with the lines of force of the existing bare volumes while guiding the view towards the pool. The furniture selected is outdoor, so in summer the living room is uncluttered, offering some of its furniture to the terrace. In winter, the interior atmosphere is warmer and allows you to gather to admire the view by the fire.

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Interior design & Decoration ++ 317C architecte(s)

Big Work ++ Entreprise Blazquez

Coater ++ SAS Langlade Façades

Zinc Worker ++ SARL Griset

Electricity ++ Bentejac SARL

Plumbing ++ SARL Thierry Plomberie

Painter ++ Camins

Interior Fittings ++ Les Ateliers Duphil

Pergola ++ Kettal

Photography ++ Ivan Mathie


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