/A jewel box/ in the 44 hectares

Here warmth and counting by the fireside in this living room.

On this wooded ground, several shacks are delicately arranged to form a coherent village. 


The Schack find their unity through the black colour of the facades, thus offering their disappearance to the benefit of the vegetation.

We have completed and enriched the concept instilled by the architect Raphaëlle Hondelatte. Thus, we offered this writer and his family an ideal setting to recharge their batteries and a privileged space for everyone. 3 of the 4 cabins on the site were then reinvented:

S - Living box: the children's kingdom offers a functional space open to the outside. XS - Rhythm box: the garage of his adolescence is reinterpreted as a place for listening to music and where the vinyl object gives rhythm to the space and the sound. L - Oversize box: the void comes to life, the volume is partitioned to create functional cocoons.

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Simplicity and openness to the outside world are the key words for the interior composition of the spaces.

The exterior is black in reference to the bark of the pine trees in the rain and the interior is made of natural wood to live as if curled up in the trunk. The openings to the outside are generous and mobile, making it possible to live outside even inside. 

Here, no frills, concrete on the floor and pine plywood on the walls and ceiling for their uniformity offer a relaxing simplicity to the reading of the spaces.

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Architecture d'intérieur ++ 317C Architecte(s)

Décoration ++ 317C Architecte(s)

Gros Oeuvre ++ SARL BMC

Électricité ++ Ribeiro Électricité

Plomberie ++ Labeyrie Vives

Peintre ++ Peinture du Bassin

Agencements intérieurs ++ Michel Taleyran

Aménagement Paysager ++ Paul le Jardinier

Photographie ++ Ivan Mathie


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