Origami /Wabi/ Sabi

A window on /nature/ at the foot of the lighthouse.

The living room opens generously onto the garden.

This /origami/ fits into the slope of the land and nestles under the roof of the existing building.


This delicate insertion, although in strong contrast with the existing, blends into the environment, thanks to its dark materiality.

Thus, the extension disappears to give way to the main house. The volumes are worked and oriented in order to have perspectives and a feeling of volume despite the small surface. The materiality is intended to reflect the trunk of the maritime pines through the exterior cladding, and the heart of the pines through the interior facings.

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We wanted to propose an architecture that respected the family home and its environment.

To achieve this, all the wood, from the frame to the exterior cladding, insulation, interior plywood, door and window frames, and mixed woodwork, is used in an ecological and short supply chain construction. Thanks to the insulation and renovation of the house, the wood stove, positioned between the extension and the existing house, becomes the main heating method. The concrete floor and the masonry wall, which supports the stove, give the project inertia.

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The origami project was only possible thanks to the successful collaboration of the building industry and the high quality and demanding craftsmanship.

The wooden structure rests at the back on a sub-basement of blockwork with a specific ITE to support the ground and avoid humidity. The wooden walls and the roof have an ITE complex of wood wool + epdm, in addition to the cellulose wadding insulation. Moisture management of the walls, connections with the existing building.

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Interior design & Decoration ++ 317C architecte(s)

Big Work ++ RB Constructions

Timber Frame ++ Bois à Vivre

Electricity ++ Sas Chalvet Lionel

Plumbing ++ Établissements Lepinay

Painter ++ Margnon Peinture

Interior Fittings ++ MGF

Wood stove ++ SARL Techni Flammes

waxed concrete ++ RB Constructions

Photography ++ Ivan Mathie


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